Ways of Increasing Productivity and Decreasing Administrative Burden for a Manager

board software in the company management system

The idea of increasing competitiveness through virtual communications and technologies is becoming rooted in businesses. This article will explain the role of digital technologies in increasing managers’ productivity. 

Digital reality: how to decrease the administrative burden for a manager?

One of the most urgent tasks facing the management of modern companies, and government agencies, is to achieve mutual understanding between managers and their collaborative work and the necessary transparency of their activities for each other. Usually, in a small company, the manager can form a holistic model of the situation, remember which of the subordinates does what and for what purpose, and predict the expected results of their work. However, as the company grows, control is lost.

With the help of special digital solutions, a company manager can automate routine tasks. It is useful for managing processes that are critical to achieving a result. Automation frees up business time for better business operations or other complex work that can’t be outsourced to technology. Automating the manager’s activity is a mechanism that allows them to establish new rules of standardization in everyday workflows. As a result, managers have understandable algorithms of actions.

A systematic approach to improving the productivity of a manager in a company should take into account all the most important interdependent elements:

  • shared values ​​- the culture of the organization;
  • strategy – strategic goals, organization policy, long-term plans;
  • structure – composition and subordination of organizational units, distribution of functions, rights, and responsibilities;
  • systems – rules and procedures for making decisions in all functional areas and information systems;
  • style – leaders of the organization, leadership style, collegiality in management;
  • composition of employees – selection, motivation, socio-psychological aspects;
  • the kit of skills – staff training, advanced training, retraining.

Board software: simplify and improve the manager’s activity

Modern companies use digital solutions to automate and optimize business operations and corporate governance. Board management software is a perfect alternative for ensuring virtual collaboration between executive bodies and providing reliable tools for increasing managers’ productivity. The software allows the boards to manage projects and organize efficient decision-making. Moreover, it is convenient for setting tasks for board members and elaborating an activity plan.

Board software ensures the following functions that can help to enchase the productivity of the company manager:

  • providing the manager with tools so that he can effectively plan and control the progress of project work;
  • providing employees involved in project activities with tools for solving problems and the necessary corporate content;
  • creation for the heads of structural departments to be able to control how busy this or that employee is in the implementation of the project, to redistribute the scope of work in time;
  • creation of a toolkit for the manager of several projects that automates daily work that does not require human participation, which, in turn, will allow controlling the effectiveness of the activities of a single project manager and all processes occurring at the enterprise;
  • providing an opportunity for the work manager to monitor the existing project work, analyze the progress of their implementation in time and take measures to eliminate problems;
  • agreed management procedures, including planning, organization of execution, risk and change management, distribution of information and reporting, decision making, and approval of results;
  • creation of an opportunity for the enterprise owners and shareholders to monitor project work and evaluate how it corresponds to the main tasks of the organization.